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Inspiration for your daily work. Innovative ideas. The ability to learn and share knowledge for better care for children worldwide. That is shortly why international exchange is important. And that's the reason FICE Netherlands is committed to support International exchanges and networks.

FICE is a global network of and for professionals who work with children and youth. FICE was founded in 1948 with the main goal: to organize care for orphaned children who roamed Europe. Netherlands also has an active department: the association FICE Netherlands. The members of this association are managers and professionals from institutions that work with children and youth who are in care. Whether it comes to mental health, welfare, disabled, foster care or child welfare.

In the section 'FICE International "we will keep you informed of the international context in which FICE NL operates.

"For young people," we want to create a separate forum. How exactly that should be organised is still in development together with young people from the Youth Welfare Consultation.

A long-cherished wish is a database filled with clear, concise descriptions of international projects of the Dutch youth - in the broad sense. Together with our network contacts in the various provinces, we pull it tight. In the current database are now more than eighty projects. Not all of them are checked and replenished. The database is a service for 'members' of FICE NL. Unfortunately it is only available in Dutch.

A lot is happening internationally. On the page 'Links' you will find a document with a lot of websites, housed in various themes.

Learning from each other you do in the encounter, in the direct contact, through the media, by reading papers and researche. In the section 'Documents' we bring publications among which may be of interest to you: documents that are practically useful in the development of international projects, but equally publications that are worth the effort from a scientific point of view. Most of them are also only available in Dutch.

Do you have information which you think may be of interest to others; you might want to join as an institution or as a friend FICE NL; or do you want to respond further to the website, please use the contact form.