FICE International

FICE International: Mission and vision 

April 2018: There are questions about the FICE International board. FICE Nederland is considering the steps to be taken.
April 2018 FICE Inter exists for 75 years and this is celebrated in Trogen.

In 2014, FICE International five themes that developed in working groups are going to be. The goal is to arrive at a recommendation and / or universal method. By theme The themes are: 
- Care leavers 
- Quality standards and documentation 
- Sexual abuse 
- Social Inclusion 
- Unaccompanied minors 

FICE Netherlands chairs the theme sexual abuse and will be involved in the issue of unaccompanied minors. 

  • FICE International has recently decided in Budapest to propose a new mission and vision. You can find the proposal in the file below in the Annex. 
  • In the appendix you will also see the annual report 2013 of FICE International.
  • Through this link you will find the annual reports of FICE International. 
  • And here you can find FICE International on facebook. 
  • More information about FICE International you can read on the website of FICE International.

FICE International

  • FICE The abbreviation stands for Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives. 
  • FICE International is the connection of all national FICE members (23 European countries, Israel, India, Russia, South Africa and USA). Since December 2010 Dashenka Taschkova Bulgarian president. (Enclose a list of affiliated members) 
  • FICE International has an executive board, and twice a year there is a Federal Council (CF), where administrative matters and developments are discussed. Round-robin is one of the host countries for such CF. 
  • FICE NL has a long tradition in administrative FICE International. During the FICE international conference in Maastricht in 2000 Theo Binnendijk was appointed as president - international chairman. Six years he has pulled the cart with a special highlight at the end of this career the FICE Congress in 2006 in Sarajevo. Later Anton Tobé has administrative deployed from the post of vice-president and member of the Executive Board. Significant achievements have been many initiatives for projects in the Balkans and new FICE memberships of countries from South East Europe. 
  • In December 2010, FICE NL made ​​a case for the appointment of Daschenka (Dasha) Taschkova in Bulgaria as the new President of FICE International and succeeding Monika Niederle. Because of its many contacts with Anton Tobé and her visits to the Netherlands Dasha was already well-known in the Netherlands. 
  • General Assembly of FICE International, will be held in August 2016 in Vienna. 

FICE International activation 

  • The website of FICE International was outdated. Under the direction of the new administration, the website will be further developed, translated into English, and 'up to date' held. 
  • The interest in the Dutch development is large. In April 2011, the Dutch delegation FICE care while the Federal Council in Prague a presentation on the Dutch revitalization program. 
  • The Netherlands will also draw attention in Prague for an interactive mode of international knowledge. 

FICE International conferences 

Were these so biennial, in 2009 the Board of FICE International decided to go to one conference every three years. The last conference was in 2013, Switzerland - with Bern as a convention city - was the organizing country. The conference theme for 2013 was "Inclusion". In 2016, the Congress in Vienna will take place. 

The history of FICE 

Robert Shaw has sixty years FICE fascinating and frankly described in all its aspects in the publication: Children, Families and Care. Reflections on the first sixty years of FICE, Trentham Books, 2008, ISBN 978-1-85856-445-6 
For a summary see below Annex