Working group unaccompagnied minors

On this page you can read about the state of affairs, actions and results of the FICE International Working Group on unaccompanied minors. If you have and want to share relevant information you can send an email to Attn William Loupatty. 

Lead: Emmanuel Grupper 


Rolf Widmer

Hermann Radler

FICE Bulgaria

FICE NL Gitta Griffioen

During the meeting in Belgrade 7/8 May, Tin Verstegen director of Nidos and FICE NL promised to help with the organization of a mini-symposium on unaccompagnied minors in Bulgaria during the CF in Sofia (14-15-16 October). Also in the elaboration of this theme on the FICE Inter congress Aug. 2016 in Vienna Nidos will be involved. In the appendix you will find the interesting program of the symposium in Sofia 14 and Oct 15.