FICE Netherlands (FICE NL)

In the Netherlands, FICE became an integral part of organizations and individuals active in the field of children's rights, child welfare, youth research and policy. FICE NL plays a prominent role in the international movement of FICE, providing the international president and beinig an active member of the executive board in recent years.

FICE NL has more than 80 members (institutions) and friends (people).

FICE International and Netherlands

FICE is a global network of and for professionals who work with children and youth. It was founded in 1948 under the auspices of UNESCO with the main goal: to organize care for orphaned children who roamed Europe. The FICE name became known and recognized worldwide for high political level. In 2010 FICE has consultative status with UNESCO, ECOSOC and the Council of Europe.

FICE Netherlands in a new jacket; FICE vital

In 2009, the board of FICE NL decided to reorientate. They found that in the years before the involvement of its members in the activities of the association was reduced. When the plan was drawn, it was called "FICE vital". Now in 2014, the plan is updated. The goals have remained the same and the activities are concentrated. The theme of "social inclusion" is an important unifying element.

Unfortunately, the plan in the attachements are only written in Dutch