Five objectives FICE Netherlands

FICE Netherlands facilitates and promotes international exchanges of knowledge, experience and youngsters, staff and social workers.

Actively support
FICE NL supports organizations by acting as an international broker. She mediates in youth exchanges, promotes international job rotation, advises on grant applications and project management.

All kinds of care for youth
FICE Netherlands wishes an international platform for care youth in the broadest sense of the word. This means that members of FICE come from all social organizations working for care and assistance to juveniles.

Network of professionals, staff and youth
FICE Netherlands facilitates and promotes international exchanges for young people, staff and administrators.

Guaranteeing inspiration
FICE Netherlands wants to actively influence the securing of knowledge and experience that comes from international exchange. It does this by, among other things, with its network partners, to make a specific theme, based on which FICE can provide, if possible, in cooperation with the NYI. Concrete contribution choices

Internationally active
FICE Netherlands is and remains an active member of the international community. FICE Netherlands is administratively part of FICE International and participates in the Conseil Fédéral.