FICE NL is based on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

She wants to contribute to the quality of care to young people in their own country and in FICE countries, in accordance with this international treaty. It does so by using its international network in order to give staff, professionals and young people in care the opportunity to look beyond borders. Literally by stimulating and facilitating international exchange and figuratively, by linking innovative knowledge from other countries to practice in the Netherlands.

FICE works from the conviction and the knowledge that cross-border meetings are an indispensable source of inspiration for the organizations, staff and youth.
This inspiration is not a goal in itself but a means to guide you on your way to a full and enjoyable life, in general in the Netherlands, but with a 'global' orientation. Young people growing up in a world where boundaries play a relative small role. Being part of this world, dealing with the possibilities and limitations has thus become an important element.

For that reason, FICE NL would actively work to facilitate International exchanges for young people 'in care'. Exchanges are "life events" for a group of young people who often have had little opportunity to positively connect with other cultures, to experience differences, to let grow their confidence grow because they cooperate with others. It's inspiring!

The wonder and inspiration of international meetings, requires commitment from both drivers, professionals and young people.