First FICE master classes in the Netherlands

For years, FICE Nederland has been working on ways to get member organizations to benefit more from the expertise within FICE's international network. How can members become more involved? How can international knowledge and expertise be shared in an accessible manner? And how can foreign countries inspire and help the Netherlands to accelerate the desired transformation? The idea of ​​FICE masterclasses was born….

At the beginning of December, FICE Nederland invited Lama Yazbeck (CEO Himaya) from Lebanon to share her story with Dutch professionals and policy makers. During two masterclasses in Arnhem and Leiden, more than 150 Dutch people were introduced to the way in which Yazbeck built the organization, the programs that they are currently implementing in Lebanon and various fundraising strategies. The story about the large number of refugees that Lebanon has to deal with was very interesting for the Dutch. More than 1.5 million refugees compared to 4.5 million Lebanese. A number of media campaigns were also shown and Yazbeck drew the attention of Dutch professionals to the Lebanese film Capharnaüm - "the chaos" based on a story of a child who used the services of Himaya.

Some impressions of participants in the masterclasses:

  • It is actually quite similar in Lebanon as here, but all services are provided “under 1 roof” and not in 1 system
  • At Himaya, a social worker always conducts conversations with parents and children accompanied by a psychologist
  • A coherence in the approach from community to the individual, from awareness to increasing resilience
  • Addressing entrepreneurs about their responsibility to the community
  • What a range of services. From awareness campaigns to psychotherapy.
  • What a huge size of the problem, 1 in 4 inhabitants in Lebanon is a refugee
  • Laws, religions and culture play a major role in how violence against children is viewed
  • Resilience as a term for the provided services ... beautiful
  • Search for how to guide social workers to minimize trauma during their work
  • We face the same challenges and issues
  • Care in families, from similar culture, as normal as possible

The story of Himaya is fascinating. The passion and professionalism of Lama Yazbeck inspiring. Leading an organization in a country with a turbulent past and present must be challenging. But when you fall, you stand up again! Resilience is the common thread through the work of Himaya and comes back in everything. From the way in which the organization is structured, to the range of care they offer to the way in which Lama Yazbeck shapes the revolution in the child and youth care field in Lebanon. A true masterpiece!