An online platform for everyone who wants to improve the care for 18+

On November 20 the website www.leavingcareinEurope.com was launched during an international conference in Amersfoort. This platform is the result of an exchange of young people and experts from 7 different countries. In three days time, videos were recorded in which young care-leavers tell about the care that helped them during their way to adulthood and independence. The videos and dozens of descriptions of best practices can be found on the new website.

We are very proud of all young people, experts and ourselves for the wonderful result of 3 days of hard work!

We invite everyone to contribute to the platform by submitting a brief project description (in English) of good working methodologies. The submission form can be found in the appendix, completed forms can be mailed to info@fice.nl.

This project is made possible by Erasmus +, Stichting Kinderperspectief and FICE NL

Be inspired and inspire!