Youthproject Inclusion

"How can young people growing up in care participate in society?" 

To find the answer to this question young people from 4 different youth care institutions, under the guidance of FICE NL, entered into discussion with the policymakers and directors of their institution. They have identified the problems that make it difficult for young people living in institutions to fully participate in society. The youngsters together with policymakers formulated solutions to these problems in meetings at the institutions and at a closing event. Throughout the project the youngsters made short movies with film director Har Tortike. These movies show ​​painfully what is going wrong and how it can be done in a different way. A English compilation of these movies can be found on this website.

In the flyer in the annex you can read more about the results of this project. And this movie gives a clear overview of the entire project. 

This project has been selected for the long list of MOVISIE Participation Rate in 2013. 

Youth in Action has rated this project as a "best practice" project. It is therefore an example for other organizations.