12-13 nov 2016 PLEEGZORG IN EUROPA: wegen naar co-parenting en zelfexpressie van kinderen

APFEL* is organizing its 4th symposium that will take place in Milano on the 12th and Bergamo on the 13th of November 2015,Italy.

FOSTER CARE IN EUROPE: Pathways toward co-parenting and self-expression of the children

L'ACCUEIL FAMILIAL EN EUROPE: Des chemins vers la parentalité plurielle et l’expression de l’enfant

Our two days symposium with simultaneous translation (in French and English) will bring together around 400 people on the two following topic:

  • The day in Milano (November 12) will be dedicated to the theme "Two families around a child: foster care and plural parenting”
  • The day in Bergamo (November 13) will be devoted to the theme "Listen to and promote the voices of children”

The conference ““The Foster care in Europe: Pathways toward co-parenting and self-expression of the children/ L’Affido familiare in Europa: Percorsi verso la co-genitorialità e l’ espressione dei bambini”  organized by APFEL, CNCA, UNIVERSITÀ CATTOLICA DI MILANO, FONDAZIONE PAIDEIA, UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI BERGAMO, will provide an opportunity to share among colleagues from different European countries the and ongoing debate about these two important issues and  to take stock of  European research, experiences, and practices relevant to the support for and the  involvement of families of origin, foster families and children in care.

Find the link for consulting more complete information on website http://apfel2015.wix.com/apfel2015-en

For registration please send an email to anpf@anpf-asso.org

* The mission of APFEL 

"Acting for the Promotion of Foster Care at the European Level" is to build bridges between countries, between cultures and languages and between research and practice, in order to improve the quality of foster care in Europe. We do this through cooperation, through the collection and evaluation of innovative practices and through the implementation of international guidelines, all the while, respecting cultures, families, children and their rights.