FICE Award - Call for Nominations - 2019

FICE Award for excellence in child and youth care 

Ken jij een Nederlandse kandidaat die deze prijs verdient?! Mail deze dan voor 20 juni naar zodat we de Nederlandse kandidaat kunnen selecteren voor 30 juni.

In 2015  FICE International Federal Council decided to honor and cherish special work initiatives, innovative models or other exceptional activities of individuals active in the field of alternative forms of care for children and young adults, who are part of FICE International's global network. The award – a recognition diploma and 2.000 Euro will be presented at the International Congress FICE is holding every three years. This year the Award winner will be announced at the 34th FICE Congress in Israel.

Each FICE National Section may present one project or program as candidate for the prize. This year, outstanding activities in the following two categories may be nominated:

  • Empowering girls and women in out-of-home education frameworks.
  • Enhancing Family and community ties in out-of-home education frameworks. Nurturing connection between the out-of-home places and the biological families.

The proposals will be reviewed by the Prize Committee, comprised by the members of the Executive Committee of FICE and the Congress Committee.

Submitting Schedule and guidelines

Date for submitting the initiatives to the prize committee - by  30.06.2019. 

Guidelines for submitting the initiative:

The proposal form shall include the following details. (each section in a separate paragraph)

  1. Details of the proposers.
  2. Details of the organization on whose behalf the proposal is submitted. (A brief description of the organization 4-5 lines).
  3. Description of the initiative (up to 300 words) 3a.Background for activating the initiative 3b.Purpose of the initiative 3c.The uniqueness and originality of the initiative 3d.The timeframe in which the initiative takes place
  4. Challenges in implementing the initiative
  5. Number of participants in the initiative
  6. What were the indicators for evaluating the success of the initiative? 6.1.Quantitative data before and after initiating the initiative 6.2.Qualitative data before and after initiating the initiative
  7. What is the extent for implementation and execution the initiative and its in other places?
  8. What was the budget required to operate the initiative and its sources?
  9. Additional Comments to the Members of the Prize Committee
  10. Appendices and links to testimonials, recommendations etc.

The proposal must be submitted in a 12-size font. It should be submitted as an attachment in doc, docx or .pdf format.