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JA! Ik doe graag mee aan de FICE NL Masterclass  op 17 mei!
Selecteer welke delen je wilt volgen (beide delen worden tweemaal aangeboden):

Bedankt voor de aanmelding!


17 mei 2022

Een jaarlijkse FICE Masterclass dichtbij huis!

In 2019 startte FICE Nederland met het organiseren van FICE Masterclasses.

Doel: internationale experts uitnodigen in Nederland om leden van FICE NL op een laagdrempelige manier (in eigen land) de kans te geven kennis uit het buitenland te vergaren en inspiratie op te doen. 


FICE NL organiseert op 17 mei 2022 in samenwerking met de Zuid Afrikaanse FICE partner NACCW en het Keniaanse "My Drive in Life team" een online masterclass  rondom de thema’s community based care en ervaringsdeskundigheid.

FICE South Africa, through the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) has initiated community-based family support programs across South Africa using the Isibindi model. This workshop will share the South African experience of a home visiting program that has proven efficacy, focusing on the approach by social service workers to working effectively in family homes. This interactive workshop will engage participants on family strengthening practice methods.   

Dr Zeni Thumbadoo is Deputy Director of the National Association of Child Care Workers and serves as Chairperson of the Professional Board for Child and Youth Care Work under the SACSSP. She has a PhD in child and youth care work and over 40 years of experience in the sector. She spearheaded advocacy campaigns linked to the statutory recognition of the child and youth care field and developing national standards for the training of child and youth care workers. She leads the development and replication of the Isibindi Ezikoleni Model, demonstrating the value of school based child and youth care work.

Merle Allsopp is a Child and Youth Care Worker with more than 42 years of experience in direct child and youth care work and management of a residential child and youth care program. She has served as National Director of the NACCW for over twenty years. She has been actively involved developing accredited qualifications in child and youth care work and has served on the statutory regulatory body for child and youth care workers for the past 15 years. She has experience in the design and overseeing of community-based social service programs and has recently completed a PhD in child and youth care work in South Africa.

My Drive in Life is a program that inspires people of various backgrounds, ages, countries and cultures to know more about themselves and what they can learn from life experiences. In the program, participants explore their identity and increase self-awareness and get to discover how their mindset works. My Drive in Life creates a safe space to turn life experiences into life lessons. This is achieved through interactive (online) sessions by trainers who are highly skilled and professional.

We are Charity, Dan, Lilian and Tracy, a team of four young, socially driven and passionate individuals. We are fun, creative, ambitious and nurturing. We love working with people and are passionate about what we do. Our diverse and shared life experiences which make us experts in our field of work. We have lived it, experienced it and can work through it as we help others in the same journey.


Our drive in life is the need to make a change and impact people's lives in whichever way possible while improving our own in the process

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