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Children's Services Reform study: Case Studies of Transformational Reform Programmes (incl NL)

The second report for a unique research project into models of reforming children’s services has been published today by CELCIS, the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection.

The Children’s Services Reform Research study is looking at many sources of information and evidence and this report examines transformational reform programmes that have taken place around the world within the last decade and continue to develop.

The researchers asked the question: What transformational reform programmes have been introduced to enhance the delivery of children’s social work services through closer working with health and/or adult social care services in the case study countries, and what has been the impact of these on children, families, services and practice?

Six case studies were selected to see what key learning there is for Scotland: five examining a range of approaches to the delivery of children’s services, from national to highly decentralised structures and modes of delivery, in five high-income countries - Finland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland - and a sixth case study to draw on learning from Scotland’s experiences of national service reorganisation through the development of Police Scotland.


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